What We Do

We Support teachers and students to Reach Their Full Potential


We host monthly meetings for parents, teachers, staff.  These are opportunities for us to increase communication between parents and HSA-H teachers and staff, and to hear how the PTO can further support our students and teachers for greater success.


— Fundraising

We raise funds mainly through donations from businesses, the community and sources such as grants, but also through sales and other activities.  These funds will then be spent on student and teacher activities, such as:

  • Funding field trips
  • Buying equipment
  • Purchasing supplies
  • Sponsoring teacher professional development
  • Supporting school improvement projects
  • Purchasing sports equipment

— Volunteerism

We support and encourage parents to volunteer for the PTO and HSA-H activities, fostering a greater sense of community and engagement between parents, teachers, staff and students.

PTO Meetings

Our monthly general meetings are normally scheduled on the third Thursday of every month during the school year.  Additional information is on our home page.

You may also view recordings of previous meetings and PTO messages: